Moving Guides: How to Move a Pool Table the Right Method

Learning how to move a pool table is the primary step if you desire to DIY the task. It will need a near-complete disassembly of the table and a healthy quantity of muscle power to move the pieces that do not come apart.

While you might wish to take on the substantial task of moving a swimming pool table with a number of pals, you need to seriously think about working with experts. Las Vegas Movers Moving has outstanding movers who have actually moved every large piece of furniture from massive couches to, yes, complex swimming pool tables. They have the needed know-how to take it apart, thoroughly brochure and pack each essential part and assemble it in your new home with outstanding efficiency.

All you require is to be useful, organized individual, with excellent woodworking skills, some special tool devices and have a couple of strong pals. Seriously, pool tables are super-heavy. The major piece is in fact made of rock!

It is not a dining room table with a few legs to loosen and leaves to take out. Getting rid of the felt from the slate is a challenging process that may leave one tearing their hair out.

A pool table is among the hardest things you can move. It's heavy, large, broad, and surprisingly delicate. The Do It Yourself method can be hazardous to you and to the pool table. A lot of people make the error of aiming to treat it like a cabinet or couch by calling a bunch of friends to assist, then twisting it every which method to fit through the door. Sadly, these actions frequently result in injury to you or your friends, and you can warp the surface area or break a part. The actions are listed below if you truly want to understand how to move a pool table. Read completely and thoroughly.

Tearing Down Your Pool Table

The correct way to move a pool table is take it apart. You might feel a desire to navigate the full piece through entrances and upstairs without dismantling, but that would be a mistake.

Prior to you break out the tool box, observe this warning:

Label, label, label. Whatever that you eliminate during the disassembly has to be thoroughly cataloged, so putting it back together will be a simpler procedure. There is nothing worse that moving a swimming pool table across town, then being required to try to find missing screws in all your boxes of belongings. Or going out to the hardware store to discover that ideal hex bolt that you need to connect the pockets. Trust me, the hardware store will not have it. It's just Murphy's law.

You are going to require a lot of tools, consisting of an essential puller, flat head screwdriver, safety goggles, socket wrench, and power drill. If your table has guidelines on ways to take it apart to move it, refer to those. Otherwise, follow our general standards.

Begin by eliminating the staples to unfasten the six side pockets. You may need the screw motorist at this point. In some cases the ball pockets are simply stapled in, however sometimes they are protected with screws.

Keep an eye out for bolts. Utilize a socket wrench to hold each rail while you unscrew the bolts. Get rid of each rail. If the rails are connected at the corners, have a helper help you in flipping them over so you can take them apart. Once again, do not forget to label all the pieces precisely so you can reassemble quickly at your brand-new home.
The Felt

Taking the felt off minimizes the chances of it being harmed during transportation, but it is lengthy. If you are replacing the felt, you can simply rip it off. One wrong relocation and the felt will become unusable.

The Slate

Eliminate the screws from the slate utilizing a power drill. Take the slate off. If it is all in one piece, the slate might weigh upwards of 800 lbs. You are going to need numerous people for this part. Even if the slate splits up into several pieces you are going to require a hearty crew. Each one might weigh a few hundred pounds apiece.

Detach the frame, cover it, and move it to the back of the truck. Wrap the rails and legs, and move them to put on top of the frame.

Any chip or dent to the slate can have a massive effect on how the swimming pool table is functions when it is put back together. All the parts, consisting of the slate, need to be covered carefully.
The Right Space

Having problem determining where to put it? You require plenty of space to steer the sticks and store all the secondary equipment. This visualization provides you an excellent idea of exactly what kind of square video footage you require to comfortably fit a lot of swimming pool tables.

Try to pick a room with no carpet. It is possible to level a table on carpet, however the inherent instability of the flooring covering will make it more most likely that a person leg will sink further than the others. Specifically if the carpet is thick.

Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again

All the king's horses and all the king's males would need this guide on how to move a pool table. Piecing an eggman back together is kid's play compared to this.

You are going to need to reassemble the legs or base under the frame with the pool table upside-down. This suggests you will need assistance turning it back over.

You require to level the slate according to the flooring. You will need to use shims to get the table completely level. Leveling the slate is a harder procedure than you are probably picturing.

Basically, the flooring that you choose for your pool table in the brand-new home is almost definitely not completely level. Houses go through a settling process will somewhat chance and warp any flooring. Leveling the table is the best way to obtain your pool table back into good shape after transport.

When leveled, you will need to wax the joints. You can also use the beeswax to fill out screw holes. A gas torch will melt the wax. Once dry, a metal paint scraper will help ensure the surface area is smooth.

Including the felt and rails is next. A razor blade will be needed to cut holes to add the bolts when the felt is in location.

This is a time-consuming and tiresome part of the procedure. You may wish to use that metal paint scraper to enhance the felt and useful reference press any air bubbles. Bumps or creases in the felt can be the distinction between a sweet shot and a scratch.

After the felt goes on, it's time for the rails. You will have to tighten up the rails and close spaces, all the while making certain there are no wrinkles created in the felt.
Employ an Expert to Move Your Swimming Pool Table

This can not be worried enough. Moving a pool table is best delegated the specialists. Even taken apart some elements are exceptionally heavy, specifically after moving many other pieces of furniture throughout the day.

An expert will examine the frame for breaks in the joints and fractures in the wood that you likely would not notice. They will frequently include brand-new felt right in the rate, so you do not have to reuse the exact same felt. Obviously, they are likewise the most certified to level the slate due to the fact that they do it every day.

All the small factors that go into breaking down and moving a pool table can have an impact on its usage down the roadway. Do you wish to be shooting uphill at an 8-ball when you could have just dropped a little bit of cash to have the pros move the swimming pool table.

You could go the middle route, just taking the swimming pool table apart yourself, and generating specialists to connect brand-new felt and re-level the slate in your new place. Those are the most detail-oriented parts of the process.

All-in-all, this is the most involved procedure for moving a piece of furnishings brief of some sort of historic artifact or antique. Do not put your back and muscles behind the 8-ball; call in an expert mover to assist you disassemble and move your pool table.

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